BERG Flatground Champion

BERG Flush WIth Your Grass Trampolines – Demo Video


BERG Flatground Champion Trampoline Options


  • 330cm/ 11ft
  • 380cm/ 12,5ft
  • 430cm/ 14ft

The BERG Flatground Champion trampolines in round shape are part of the Sports Trampoline range and are not available with a safety net.


  1. Airflow Jumpmat – let through 50% more air,
  2. Twinspring Springs – V-spring technology,
  3. Protective Edge – thicker padding with UV protection,
  4. Warranty – market-leading warranties.



  • 200x200cm/ 6,5×6,5ft
  • 330x220cm/ 7x11ft
  • 410x250cm/ 8x13ft
  • 500x300cm/ 16x10ft

The BERG Ultim – Rectangular Flatground Champion are available with Deluxe and Deluxe XL Safety Nets.

Understanding The Unique Benefits of the BERG Flatground Champion Trampoline Range

In this article, I will explain why the Berg Champion flatground trampoline is a cut above the rest and outline the unique benefits that it offers.


Firstly, let’s consider the quality of the Berg Champion. This trampoline is designed and manufactured by Berg, a company that has been in the trampoline industry for over 30 years. They are renowned for their high-quality products, and the Champion is no exception. The frame of the trampoline is made from galvanized steel, which means that it is rust-resistant and extremely durable. The jumping mat is made from polypropylene, which is a strong and flexible material that is perfect for trampolines. The mat is also UV-resistant, which means that it won’t fade or deteriorate over time when exposed to sunlight.


One of the most unique features of the Berg Champion is its flatground design. This means that the trampoline sits flush with the ground, rather than being raised up on legs like a traditional trampoline. There are several benefits to this design. Firstly, it makes the trampoline much safer. With a traditional trampoline, there is always a risk of falling off the edge and injuring yourself. With a flatground trampoline, this risk is eliminated. Secondly, the flatground design makes the trampoline much more discreet. It blends seamlessly into your garden or outdoor space and doesn’t dominate the landscape like a raised trampoline would. Finally, the flatground design makes the trampoline much easier to access. You don’t need to climb up onto the trampoline, which can be difficult for some people. Instead, you can simply step onto it from ground level.


Another unique benefit of the Berg Champion is its AirFlow technology. This is a ventilation system that is built into the frame of the trampoline. It allows air to circulate underneath the jumping mat, which reduces air resistance and gives you a smoother, more controlled bounce. This is particularly important for advanced trampoline users who want to perform tricks and flips. The AirFlow technology also helps to keep the trampoline cool on hot summer days, which is a welcome relief for anyone who has ever burnt their feet on a scorching hot trampoline mat!


The Berg Champion also has a range of safety features that make it a great choice for families with young children. Firstly, the frame of the trampoline is covered by a thick padding that protects against bumps and knocks. The padding is made from a high-quality material that is resistant to wear and tear, so it will last for many years. Secondly, the Berg Champion has an innovative safety net system that surrounds the entire trampoline. This net is made from a strong and flexible material that can withstand impact, so if anyone does fall, they will be caught by the net rather than hitting the ground. The safety net is also attached to the trampoline frame using a unique system that ensures that there are no gaps or spaces for children to get trapped in.


Finally, let’s consider the performance of the Berg Champion. This trampoline offers an excellent bounce that is smooth, controlled and consistent. The polypropylene jumping mat is strong and durable, and the AirFlow technology ensures that there is minimal air resistance. This means that you can achieve a higher bounce with less effort, which is great for advanced users who want to perform tricks and flips. The Berg Champion also has a large jumping surface, which means that there is plenty of room for multiple users to bounce at the same time. This is perfect for families or groups of friends who want to have fun and bounce together.


In addition to its excellent performance, the Berg Champion is also very versatile. It can be used for a wide range of activities, from gentle bouncing to advanced acrobatics. The trampoline is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, making it a great investment for families. It can also be used for fitness and exercise, as bouncing on a trampoline is an excellent cardiovascular workout that is gentle on the joints.


Another advantage of the Berg Champion is that it is very easy to maintain. The trampoline is designed to be weather-resistant, so it can be left outside all year round. The galvanized steel frame and UV-resistant jumping mat are both very durable and require very little maintenance. The safety net and padding can be removed and washed if necessary, ensuring that the trampoline always looks and performs at its best.


Overall, the Berg Champion flatground trampoline is a high-quality and versatile product that offers a range of unique benefits. Its flatground design makes it safer, more discreet and easier to access than a traditional trampoline, while its AirFlow technology ensures a smooth and controlled bounce. The trampoline is also very safe and easy to maintain, making it a great investment for families. Whether you are looking for a fun activity for your children or a new way to keep fit, the Berg Champion is definitely worth considering.